Meine Love-Graffiti-Wand

Herzen Verbinden

You are the prettiest sweetest thing I ever loved

I love you for the lovely advent calendar you made me, so full of energy, creativity and love

You know me quite well by now and you act very thoughtfully by choosing presents for me

You finally got my present and seemed to be quite happy. You said “I love you”.

Talking to you improved my mood. I am so happy that you’ll be back soon.

I said “I love you” today

You seemed to be a bit drunk and endlessly in love with me. The only thing you seem to be waiting for is to come home and hold me again. I am so filled up with love right now.

You told me how much you miss me with words inspired by a song of my favourite band.

When you said you’d like to be more aware and present when and how we eat together.

I felt utterly save and happy when he randomly texted me today that he would miss me

Erleben Sie nochmals eine minutelang die schönen Momente der vergangenen 24 Stunden in Ihrer Beziehung.
Das Feld zum Festhalten Ihres nächsten LoveGraffitis öffnet in
Gerne erinnere ich Sie. jeden Morgen an Ihren nächsten Eintrag.
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