Meine Love-Graffiti-Wand

Herzen Verbinden

We can be childish and silly together and it’s always fun when we’re e.g. in the car listening to music and singing along.

He can make me happy without even saying a word.

We are both pretty busy at the moment so we can see each other only on the weekends, but he told me that he misses me and I would love to leave directly to go and see him.

We decided that we want to spend one more night together before I went home, even though we had to get up very early because of that. He said he doesn’t care as long as I’m there.

He looked at me very happy today and told me that I am pretty.

He came by spontaneously because we missed each other.

We had a very interesting conversation today. I love that we can have deep meaningful conversations and discussions about interesting topics.

We haven’t seen each other this week and we told each other that we miss each other and are looking forward to meet tomorrow.

Everytime I thought about my boyfriend today I felt really happy.

He told me that he hates falling asleep without me and that he is looking forward to when I’m back with him. I found this very sweet, especially because I always feel the same when I go to bed without him.

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