Meine Love-Graffiti-Wand

Herzen Verbinden

We talked about our childhood

Little contact today and a fight as well… Im wondering if he is still doing these entries as well. I am to remember. I think its essential in these crises we are having. Honestly, I cant remember a moment today where he did or said something that triggered an emotion. I just remember that whilst fighting with him, I was talking to a friend, saying that despite our fight right now, I still love him to pieces and this would be resolved quite soon. I hope it does…

Im still fighting with myself because of this surgery… I feel like I lied to myself and to him, but he doesnt see it that way. He meets me with nothing but love and support. I am so grateful that he is there for me. I dont know who else could understand what Im going through

Today I found out that Id be needing another surgery…It broke a little part in me. But he managed to make me smile again and make me feel loved

It snowed and we build a snow man, had a snow ball fight and went sledding with my little sister and my mom.It was a lot of fun and different from what we usually do.

The first time falling asleep beside him was the epitome of rest. Ive never slept better and felt so protected

Had my important talk with the vice-dean and he was there while I was bubbling with happiness. His endless support means so so much to me

He surprised me at university today.He travelled about two hours just to see me. He met a few of my friends which he hadnt seen at the bachelors open day. It was good to see that he got along with them. I just loved connecting my different lives. He mentioned that i am different in university than i am at home with my parents. He loved it.

Having an important talk with the vice-dean ahead of me,he helped me through and anxiety attack. I felt so grateful when i calmed down

I picked him up after work to hang out at my place. He mostly played video games with my brother, which was fine since i napped most of the time on his lap.

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